Last chance to have your say on Second Life and the decline in private estates!

I started a survey on people’s land occupancy in Second Life December 10th, and have been very pleased by the response.  I’ll be closing it at midnight tomorrow, 22nd December, and the results will be published over the Christmas break. So … if you haven’t shared your views, now is your last chance!

Please add your thoughts in the comments too!


  1. SecondLife Overdue Account
    Dear SLInvoice
    We are not an overdue account. We are an underserved and neglected account that entered into a business relationship with a provider that still has not adopted professional business communications or operational practices.
    We replied several times to your renewal notification and earlier threats. I stated we were not renewing and we were abandoning the sim. We cleared and abandoned the sim July.

    Second Life support did not complete transfer of the island for six months after sale, Yet SLinvoice set the start date from the time the “ownership” transfer was requested, not when it finally became usable by our request. The requested relocation, at time of transfer, did not occur until February of the following year.

    All emails to support and the advertised “Consierge services” went unanswered. Phone calls to the advertised “Consierge” line went unanswered. When calls to Second Life support were answered, they always responded with “You have to call the consierge line. We do not handle those calls.”

    On learning some educational institutions were receiving extensions to the Educational discount, I called and emailed every Linden Lab and Second Life address I could find, asking for consideration for an extension for our sim. Again, no response.

    Again, we notified SLInvoice we had lost faith in Linden Lab and Second Life and abandoned the sim according to your backdated renewal date.

    On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 7:58 AM, wrote:
    Dear xxxxx Unified School District,

    We greatly appreciate your involvement with Second Life. However, our records show your current account balance is $3540.00, at least some if not all of which has been overdue for 122 days. Your account statement is attached to help you resolve this matter.

    If we do not receive a response or payment from you soon we will be forced to shut down your service.

    Please see the payment instructions at the end of this message.

    If you require additional assistance with payment processing, please log in at and submit a support case at Please do not reply to this email address. If you already have an active support case with us, you do not need to file a new one.

    Many thanks in advance for your cooperation and support.

    -Linden Lab

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