Fun Noir at The Blackened Mirror: Inworld games closing at the end of the year

Sadly, with the end of Season 1, the time has come to bring the inworld games for The Blackened Mirror to an end.

The games that run purely on the web will continue, but we will be ending the games that are played on the Second Life grid at midnight on December 31st 2012. Announcing this now will give you the opportunity to play any of the games that you might have missed.

Why are you closing the inworld games?
Region and parcel owners have been very generous both in donating gifts and in hosting our prims for the games. But they need the freedom and flexibility to change their areas, which could invalidate or even remove clues in the games. If we are doing this for one area, it seemed right to do it for all, so that there should be no confusion.

Why are you keeping the web games open?
Although the first season of The Blackened Mirror is now over, the episodes continue to be available through The Blackened Mirror and Happy Hunting websites, and through The Blackened Mirror page at Treet TV and The Blackened Mirror You Tube site. So it’s possible that even at a period when we are not launching regular new episodes, people might be coming to the show for the first time and – if they are – we want them to learn that The Blackened Mirror is more than a TV show (and more than a game). We hope that keeping the web games open will give people who discover the show the fun of also discovering the challenges!

Meeting a Seeker of Truth
Meeting a Seeker of Truth

We’ll be republishing details of all the web games shortly. But for now … make sure you get the last of the information about The Blackened Mirror inworld games in our Fun Noir section!

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