Fun Noir for the Blackened Mirror – the winners of our special contests!

The Seraph Club in Seraph City
The Seraph Club in Seraph City

At the end of season party for The Blackened Mirror, we held draws for all special games that we have been running throughout Season 1. The prize for each of these games is a chance to appear as a character in the world of The Blackened Mirror, not on the show, but referenced in The Blackened Mirror materials!

We will not reveal answers here, as people will still be able to play the games on the web!

The questions (and winners) were as follows:

From Episode 1 – the A Day in the Life of Harland Quinn game
As part of the clue in the diner (where we showed a copy of The Daily Prim newspaper, with its racing news), we asked:
What links Quinn’s bet with a Broadway musical?

The very first person to get this right won the chance to appear in The Blackened Mirror world. This was Kyle Beckett, who chose to become a good character and a reporter on The Daily Prim newspaper.
But we continued the game till the end of the season, and the winner was:
Chris Collins

Harland Quinn - Private Investigator
Harland Quinn – Private Investigator

From Episode 2: Secrets from Quinn’s past
This game was first launched at the HP Lovecraft Festival in Second Life, where a special playbill was located. It was subsequently included as part of the jigsaw game associated with Episode 3. We asked:
Tell us the connection between the poster, the newspaper report and a famous Hollywood film about the world of theater …
No-one has been able to answer this question correctly!

From Episode 4: Death in Velvet Game
In this game, readers (and later listeners) were able to find the first three parts of Death in Velvet, a special Harland Quinn short story written by David Abbot, the author of The Blackened Mirror. They then had to tell us who the murderer was (and how they dunnit too!).
The winner was:
Orpheus Angkam

From Episode 4: The Link between the Seekers of Truth and a famous 1930s novel (and film)
This game asked players to find outwhat linked Episode 1.4 of The Blackened Mirror with a famous novel of the 1930s, made into a very famous film, by the author of Goodbye Mr Chips and Random Harvest.
The winner was:
Garnet Psaltery

From Episode 5: The Police Report game
This was part of an inworld game that asked people to trace copies of the police report that revealed what had been happening in Seraph City while Quinn had disappeared after the Unpleasantness at the Java Jive. One of the places people visited on the Hunt (or through the inworld quiz) was a rather exclusive apartment block, which had a doorman … and we asked:
Why is the name Carlton Garfield a very appropriate one for a doorman?
The winner was:
Maeve Everest

Quinn and Co face a mystery
Quinn and Co face a mystery

Congratulations to all our prize winners!

We will be contacting Chris, Orpheus, Garnet and Maeve shortly to find out whether they want to be good or bad characters and how they can best be incorporated into the world of The Blackened Mirror!

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