Business Development in Second Life – a survey

Centre for Business Development
Centre for Business Development

And here is another Second Life suvey, but not created by Prim Perfect this time!

The Centre For Business Development in Second Life is a collaborative group of business people working together to identify and improve areas that may be hindering growth in Second Life. Their aim is to be proactive in improving business growth, opening avenues of communication with Linden Lab and enriching experiences for SL residents.

As the first part of this initiative they are undertaking a comprehensive survey to gather information that will be useful to use in identifying issues and provide us with a good basis to start developing strategies.

They say: “We all have our own ideas about what is working and not working in SL, but we need your help in gathering facts and information that will help form the basis of our proposals, strategies and resources.”

The survey will be available until Saturday 12 January.  It is short and easy to complete, and allows respondents to remain anonymous.   They are asking international residents to help each other in translating this poll so that it captures all opinions and insight. The Centre For Business Development in Second Life say that the feedback from residents will be invaluable to them and will, in the long term, benefit all residents.

For more information about the Centre For Business Development in Second Life, visit their website:
We’re planning to publish the results of the survey here on Prim Perfect.


  1. So, I did the survey on their site. This survey does not cover a lot of things properly nor does it give you options to explain *other* .

    1. Yeah, I had to sort of kind of “make fit” a category they gave, Gadgets (which it described as weapons or huds), even though the majority of what I buy in SL is sci-fi stuff, particularly TARDIS things (Type70 expansion rooms, TARDIS forms/exteriors, etc), which doesn’t quite fall under Vehicles, either (since generally these don’t “move around” in SL, even tho on DrWho a TARDIS *is* a vehicle for travel in space and time).

      But yeah, it should be interesting to see what the ultimate results of this survey is. I wonder if some of the results will surprise people as much as the previous one of these did.

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