LEA Arts Festival!

Poster by PJ Trenton

What better way to showcase the work of over 30 artists, performers, and machinimatographers, than with a month long celebration? The LEA Arts Festival features twenty sims of art installations, machinima screenings, artist talks, interviews, performances, classes and more! Opening day is Feb 2nd with a schedule of great events, listed below.

The Linden Endowment for the Arts not only provides grants of land to artists-in-residence, it also helps to promote the artists and their works through this festival, articles, interviews, social media and other avenues. For many artists, this festival is the culmination of 5 months of hard work and inspiration, and so the time has to fully celebrate and share these works. Please share your LEA Arts Festival related photography on our LEA Arts Festival flickr group, and on your google + or Facebook. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the LEA!


9:45 AM
Introduction, LEA4
10:00 AM
Award winning artist BRYN OH gives a talk, On Challenging The Viewer, with time for questions & answers, LEA4
11:00 AM
Machinima Screenings of LEA exhibits hosted by LaPiscean Liberty, LEA4
Ian Upton, artist and technologist interviewed by Rowan Derryth LEA 24
CEC Productions presents a new exciting Virtual Band Show: Leningrad Cowboys! LEA4

Stay tuned for more events throughout the month, by returning to this blog, or by visiting lindenarts.blogspot.com/festival.


Prim Perfect’s own PJ Trenton made a set of gorgeous posters for the Artists-in-Residence; you can see them all at his flickr and, from the festival opening tomorrow, the entire set will be available for free at the main LEA Landing point! Nothing like lovely exhibition posters to add cultured touches to your virtual home!

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