Official Video for One Billion Rising in Second Life released!

Today we are very proud to announce the release of our special video for One Billion Rising in Second Life.

This video was made to promote the 24 hour event on Thursday 14th February, running from 12 midnight to twelve midnight, with 24 hours of music, dance, art and celebration.


The video was made by women of Second Life, and we will be posting a list of the names on the One Billion Rising website later today, together with a list of the locations where it was filmed, so that you can visit these amazing places within Second Life.

Remember – we are planning to livestream the event itself so that people around the world will be able to watch it – and join in too!

The one caveat, of course, is that glitches happen and something will crash. However, no matter what the temporary difficulties are, just be patient. It will resume as quickly as possible.

You will be able to find the livestream using this link. We hope to see you inworld, but if you can’t make it please do join us online.

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