Enter the immersive world of Arcachon Atlantique with Designing Worlds

Now available on the web – our latest episode, as we visut the beautiful – and endangered – region of Arcachon Atlantique.

Arcachon Atlantique is the beautiful Francophone region based on the Languedoc region of France, which has recently come close to closure, despite offering great activities and developing a brilliant immersive language learning programme.

In this show, we explore some of the beauties of the region with Claire Pascale, the owner of Arcachon and with Cybère Placebo, who has been working on developing language courses, as well as Karelia Kondor, a teacher of French in the UK, who has used the region of Arcachon in her teaching.

Arcachon Harbour
Arcachon Harbour

We explore the region, discussing the plans to use it as an immersive language resource, and also experience some of the activities it offers, from wine tasting, to a hot air balloon trip, to harvesting (and enjoying!) fresh oysters.

And we’ll be looking at the problems owners face in sustaining such a region.


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