After One Billion Rising in Second Life … what next?

OBR in SL - What Next?
OBR in SL – What Next?

The One Billion Rising event was an inspiration for people all around the world. Here in Second Life, the event was a success – both for those taking part, and for the discussion that followed.

Now we want to build on that – but how? How can we translate the energy and enthusiasm into progress in continuing to work on this issue?

In the real world, different ideas are being discussed.  For example, there’s the Guardian’s campaign to discover inspirational people and projects. Stella Creasy, the Member of the UK Parliament who made sure that the issue was debated there on V-Day, is pressing forward with the campaign  to ensure that every child in Britain is taught about consent and respecta campaign with cross party support. And requests are being made for submissions for a planned documentary.

And in Second Life too, people are asking how the campaign can be moved forward.

Yellow Hibiscus at Virtual Ability
Yellow Hibiscus at Virtual Ability

We have some ideas – but we want to hear your thoughts too! So come along to one of two open discussion at the Yellow Hibiscus Cabana, Virtual Ability Island
FRIDAY March 1st at 1pm SLT
SATURDAY March 2nd at 4pm SLT

Come and share your thoughts on what should come next.

Discussion in text as much as possible, with optional voicing of Local chat, and voice-to-text transcription for those who need it.


  1. I want to say that V-Day’s campaign to educate children on consent and respect is of utmost importance. There is a common misconception among the populace: according to this misconception, a sexual encounter that begins consensually is consensual even if this consent ceases to exist at some point. People (especially the younger generation) need to understand that, from the moment consent is lost, the sexual encounter ceases to be consensual.

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