Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Travelling in the Duchy of the Coeurs

Travelling in the Duchy
Travelling in the Duchy

Today’s jigsaw returns us to the Duchy of the Coeurs, which we featured on this week’s Designing Worlds – and it’s very appropriate to feature a carriage as the Coeurs has one of the best transport systems in all Second Life both for residents and visitors.

If you are a visitor, you will find frequent carriage stops throughout the regions. When you summon a carriage, instead of – somewhat unrealistically – rezzing before your eyes, the horse and carriage come along the road and pause at the stop for you to embark. You are offered a wide choice of destinations too, based not upon region names (which might not mean too much to the visitor, but on themes instead such as romance, or shopping.

If you are a resident in the Duchy, you can actually summon a carriage to come to your door and take you where you wish …. and again it will come up as though from the stable or, indeed, a nearby inn.

And then there are the rivers and canals …

But before you pay a visit, let’s do a jigsaw!

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Travelling in the Duchy – photograph by Wildstar Beaumont


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One comment

  1. One of my all-time favorite group of sims. It is huge and the owners (who are great) are constantly tweaking things. The carriages are fun and as for the boats—there are some great cave canals.

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