Encounters in the Cloud – Designing Worlds explores Cloud Party

Now available on the web – our latest episode, as we explore a whole new virtual environment – Cloud Party!

Cloud Party uses the metaphor of islands floating in the sky,while the the menu systems uses the metaphor of a smart phone with various apps – a rather clever way of introducing users not used to virtual worlds to what can be a complex set of tools.

To help us explore Cloud Party, we’re joined by three creators from Cloud Party – Maxwell Graf, who is well known in Second life as the designer of Rustica, Ashasekayi Ra, who has been doing some interesting work on avatar customisation, and Phate Shepherd, who has been exploring some of the possibilities of scripting and game creation in Cloud Party.

Inside Cloud Party - looking at the islands
Inside Cloud Party – looking at the islands

We visit a number of islands within Cloud Party, including the starting including Phate’s fascinating Misfit Toys, Maxwell’s stormy forest … and an amazing art creation by the well known artist in virtual worlds – Claudia222 Jewell.

Watch the show – and learn more!

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