Explore the Four Elements with the Spirit Light Galleries and the Spirit Light Dance Company

The Elements exhibition
The Elements exhibition

A message came to us from the LunaMar Performing Arts, The Spirit Light Galleries:

Why did we never see an arts event in Second Life that combines dance with an exhibition of RL paintings, sculptures, poetry, and creations of digital art?

Well the opportunity is now here!


 The Spirit Light Dance Company is a Second Life group of dancers with a really outstanding dance repertoire attended by a large audience from all over Second Life and the world. They will give a performance with the theme “The Four Elements:  Fire, Earth, Water and Air”

In collaboration with this, we organized an arts exhibit with the same theme The Four Elements. Specially for that purpose, a beautiful gallery has been created to display artwork and poetry panels by SL creators using this theme. There are 4 pavilions decorated into one of the Elements in which art of 23 artists is displayed. Well known artists as well as new residents who never have exhibited before. Special and not often seen in SL is that a lot of poems are also displayed .We can conclude that art in all it forms are connected in this special exhibition.


On Saturday and Sunday March 23rd – 24th, the really breathtaking performance of the Four Elements by the Spirit Light Dance Group under the direction of Caryl Meridith will be performed.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS (in alphabetic order)
Alesia Barbosa
Asmita Duranjaya
Bella Larkspur
Caryl Meridith
Elin Egoyan
JudiLynn India
Jullianna Juliesse
June Faramore
Karli Daviau
Kylie Angel
Luna Branwen
Mathilde Vhargon
Mik Frequency
Milly Sharple
Monroe Snook
Rosedrop Rust
Sarafina Destiny
Simonetta Martella2
Treacle Darlandes
Tuatha Tread Softly (rivereden)
Ub Yifu
Una Milena


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