More about the SL10B Community Celebration!

SL10B Community Celebration logo
SL10B Community Celebration logo

People who enjoyed last year’s SL9B advance videos (with the Angel of Death stalking the regions and discovering that, actually, rumours of Second Life’s imminent demise had clearly been much exaggerated) will be delighted to discover that he makes a guest appearance in the first of this year’s videos (once again created by the estimable Crap Mariner):

But the lead character for this year’s event is going to be a little different … and at the moment, he’s trapped in his own little world …


And, in a little side excursion, Pattern Man also explains a clarification about the name of the SL10B Community Celebration:

So here’s a reminder of the addresses:


And here are the key dates again:

April 15 Volunteer/Performance, Exhibitor Applications open
May 20 Volunteer/Performance, Exhibitor Applications close
May 27 Sims open to builders
June 16 Grand Opening
June 23 Official Birthday
June 23 Final day of performances
June 29 Sims close to the public
July 1 All builds to be dismantled – sims go offline


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