Prim Perfect Jigsaw: A last look at Neva River (for now)

Neva River one last time
Neva River one last time

Remember I have featured Neva River on some recent blog posts? This private estate was opened by its owner, Neva Crystall, for a short time after she completed the design.

Today (Sunday 6th April) is the last day to visit – after today it will again become a private estate – until the next time Neva re-designs it!

If you love peaceful, tranquil  landscapes – make sure you don’t miss it.

But first – here’s a jigsaw to tempt you!

Click to Mix and Solve


Catch up with your Prim Perfect jigsaws (showing images of Second Life and other virtual worlds).

If you’d like to submit a photo of your own to feature as a jigsaw, send it to the Prim Perfect Flickr Group. It should be sized 800w x 600h, or else it will need to be re-sized.

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