Be part of the adventure of Splintered Rock

We recently featured the planet Araxes on Designing Worlds – and talked to Darren Green, who produces the interactive web comic Splintered Rock, which is captured in Second Life.  And an exciting feature is the interactivity, using reader input to dictate where the story goes.

Splintered Rock
Splintered Rock

As Darren says: “At the end of each episode I ask readers to vote on what should happen next and then use their input to create the following episode.”

Splintered Rock is a mixture of hard sci-fi and western, very much in the spirit of Joss Whedon’s ‘Firefly’. Prospectors are mining rare crystals on a desert world. The planet’s inhabitants, known as the ‘desert-born’ have not caused any trouble… yet! But tensions are starting to rise at the mining outpost known as ‘Splintered Rock’.

Now he has created a Kickstarter project to fund further development of the comic.  You can find out more about it here – and there’s a video too to explain more!

I think this is a really exciting project, and the sum Darren is seeking to raise is modest – I wish him every success (and would urge all you scifi/webcomic people to go and support him!).


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