Join the Hunt for the Key of Hope at Fantasy Faire!

The Hunt Begins ...
The Hunt Begins …

The Hunt that everyone has been talking about – a collaboration between MadPea and Fantasy Faire – has now opened.

It looks to be both richly rewarding (in terms of gifts and immersion)  and thoroughly challenging, and comes with a great back story which you can read here.

To play you will need to purchase the hud (costing 100 Linden) which will, when activated, set you on your way to finding items scattered across the Fairelands to create a Talisman which will give you entry to the Valley of Ish’Nar (as we featured on the Happy Hunting show on April 19th).  Completing this part of the Hunt will also see you rewarded with what the Hunt organisers call “memories and mementos of your travels”.

But this is just the start. Once you’ve gained the Talisman, you will have access to the Final Chapter of the Hunt – which will actually be on the grid for a month after the Faire closes, giving people more chance of completing the Hunt – and winning some amazing prizes!

You can read more about the Hunt – and how to obtain the Hud – here.


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