A lull in the Battle at Fantasy Faire – but some excellent news too!

The good news first …

It’s been decided to extend shopping at the Faire by an extra day, till midnight on Monday 29th May – that’s in case any of us have any money left!

In other news – you may have read here (or elsewhere) about the amazing Hunt that is going on at the Fantasy Faire – the Hunt for the Key of Hope.

The Key of Hope Hunt

It’s been decided (and I’m actually not surprised in view of the huge amount of traffic that the Faire has been getting) that the second part of the Hunt should be paused and re-started on May 1st (definitely an appropriately witchy day in my part of the world!).   The team behind it – the amazing Mad Peas and the awesome Fantasy Faire team have reluctantly decided that a rebuild of the systems will be needed. You can read full details here.

In the meantime, it does give Faire-goers the chance to explore the beautiful and mysterious Valley of Ish’Nar, created by Rynn Verwood, as that will be open to all until the Faire ends.

 The Valley of Ish’Nar
The Valley of Ish’Nar – photograph by Judith LeFevre

And the first part of the Hunt, which takes you across all the Faireland regions, has been extended by an extra day too – so you’ll have more chance to find all the elusive items that make up the Talisman.

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