Have you claimed your plot at the SL10B Community Celebration yet?

People are building busily ...
People are building busily …

The builds are starting to go up now … and they are looking awesome.

From the first mad rush on Sunday till today, people have been coming in and claiming their land (and starting to build).

But there are still some sad, lonely spots that haven’t been claimed yet …

This lonely plot needs an enthusiastic exhibitor to claim it ...
This lonely plot needs an enthusiastic exhibitor to claim it …

If you haven’t claimed yours yet, time is short. You need to claim your plot in the next 24 hours or you risk losing it. There is a waiting list of people just ready and willing to be in the event and the organisers will be starting to reallocate unclaimed plots from this time tomorrow.

If you haven’t already, please join the general chat group, ‘The SLB Community’ and ask for an EA to help you claim your plot. You don’t have to come in and place a complete build – a simple prim will say that you are claiming the plot and will be starting to build soon.

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