Prim Perfect Talks at the Home and Garden Expo: Dwarfins and Lumiere

Throughout the Home and Garden Expo, Prim Perfect has been running a series of talks at the Prim Perfect Temple on Home Expo 6. – and today is th elast day, with two final speakers.

Saffia will be talking to Dante Spectre of the Dwarfins at 3pm, and at 5pm, she will be talking to namssab1nad piers of Lumiere (fortunately for Saffia, he’s happy to be called Nams!).

Meet the Dwarfins!
Meet the Dwarfins!

The Dwarfins are a very popular form of breedables although – as I hope we will will learn – they do not breed as such but co-create other Dwarfins. At the Fantasy Faire, Dwarfins were amongst the most popular collectibles at the auction – and that’s a trend that is continuing! We’ll be learning more from their scripter, Dante Spectre – and hopefully finding out all about the garden!

Meet the Designer: Nams of Lumiere
Meet the Designer: Nams of Lumiere

And at 5pm, in our final talk, namssab1nad piers will be talking about his store, Lumiere – and all things light, we hope!


Make sure you don’t miss the last two occasions of our daily lantern ceremony at 4pm, when we invite people to join us at the Prim Perfect platform on Home Expo 6 every day of the Expo at 4pm SLT for a communal release of lanterns both to celebrate the living and in memory of those we have loved and lost.

Lanterns Lifting
Lanterns Lifting

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