Can you be an agony aunt (or uncle) and give good advice?

This week’s Quest for the Golden Prim features a dilemma for some of the characters.

Dilemmas for Nan, Ralph - and Lola!
Dilemmas for Nan, Ralph – and Lola!

Nan thinks that the dashing Ralph Montcalm is thinking altogether too much about that wicked female pirate captain that he met and fought back in the woods of Steelhead.  A woman who had, we should remind ourselves, proved herself ruthless in kidnapping Nan and addicting poor Minnie to opium.

And Ralph … well, he thinks he’s thinking too much about the dashing female pirate too. But then there’s Nan …

Even Lola the dog has problems (in Finnish).

Can you advise the lovelorn three?  That’s the fun project associated with this week’s Quest! Read their letters, and see if you can advise them …

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