Advertise Your Birthday Bash at SL10BCC

SL10BCC Teaser (general)

There will be Birthday celebrations all over the grid and the SL10BCC folks want to make it easy for their visitors to get to all of the other parties, performances, feasts & festivals from June 16 – 23 as well.

We’ve built a Connections Board which will have posters for events happening throughout the week. They will include notecards with descriptions and landmarks – but we need the information about your (or your friends’) event.

Please send Honour McMillan a folder inworld with the following:

  • A notecard with a description of the event; what it is, the date(s) and time(s), the maturity level and a landmark.

  • A photo or poster for the event. Please note that the image must satisfy the General Maturity guidelines, even if your event is Moderate or Adult.

  • The photo or poster must be a texture sized no more than 512 in any direction.

  • The notecard and the texture must be full perm.

Spread the word and make sure Honour is buried in event information!

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