In our Second Lives … remember the places, and win L$5000: a Prim Perfect Contest at the SL10B Community Celebration

For this year’s Prim Perfect installation at the SL10B Community Celebration, we have a beautiful building designed by Troy Vogel which holds two photo installations.  One of these, by PJ Trenton, is a tribute to places that have vanished from the grid – and will form the basis of a photo essay in the next issue of Prim Perfect.

Some Have Gone ... Photo Essay  by PJ Trenton
Some Have Gone … Photo Essay by PJ Trenton

The other display is a collection of pictures from Prim Perfect’s 48 issues, produced over the course of the last six years, and the core of our inspiration for the exhibit which was In My Second Life, taken from the Beatles’ Song …

There are places I remember all my life
Though some have changed
Some forever, not for better
Some have gone and some remain

Over the years, a wide range of talented photographers have worked for us, including PJ Trenton, Honour McMillan, Wildstar Beaumont, Twisted Lemon, Wren Carling, Judith Lefevre, Beq Janus, GM Nikoiaidis, Stephen Venkmann, Raven Haalan, Ceejay Writer, Winona Wiefel, Paolo Bade. This installation is a tribute to their work.

We wanted to share these with you because – in our Second Lives … we loved them all.

In Our Second Lives ... we loved them all
In Our Second Lives … we loved them all

But we also wanted to issue a challenge – we will give a prize of L$5000 to the person who can identify the largest number of images in the six panels at the northern end of the Prim Perfect installation.

If more than one person has the highest score, we’ll hold a draw.

You will find all the images in Panels 2 – 6 in past issues of Prim Perfect magazine.  The images in Panel 1 (the double row on the left wall) come from the magazine and from the blog too!

How do I enter?
Visit the Prim Perfect exhibit at SL10B Astonish, and study the pictures.  Write down all the ones you know (it’s fun to do this with friends too!).

Even if you haven’t been in Second Life that long, you will be able to find older images in back issues of the magazine. And it will be a great way of learning more about the amazing builds in Second Life!

Organise the ones you can identify by Panel (1 – 6) and then from top to bottom, left to right.

When you have as many as you can identify, send a notecard labelled Prim Perfect SL10B Contest to Zadira Barzane inworld, or by email to  You may not need to identify every location to win the prize – just send as many as you can!

Prim Perfect Building, created by Troy Vogel
Prim Perfect Building, created by Troy Vogel

Helpful Hints:
You will be able to find the images either in the magazines, or on the blog (a few). And you don’t even need to spend hours in the build (as miss some of the amazing builds at SL10B). You can take photos of the panels and then study them at your leisure.

Closing date for the contest is July 5th, and the results will be published in our August magazine.


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