Happy Haunting takes on the picnic ants as we find exciting new hunts!

It’s a brand new episode of your favorite hunt program on treetv. Join the staff at the Designing World Studio today at 3pm SLT for the live broadcast or check in at happyhuntingtv.wordpress.com for a link to see the show anytime.

saffia antToday’s Hunt Report features four great hunts, and as an added bonus you can see our esteemed producer caught in the jaws of your worst picnic nightmare!

Happy Hunting Host Cinders Vale discusses the many Sin Original Hunts that are currently underway and coming soon to some of your favorite stores in Second Life.
Capture_2013_08_14_00_48_47_575 copy
So join us at 3pm today in the studio for the broadcast. And do bring along your hunter friends too!

Or – if you can’t attend in person – tune in at 3pm SLT on Friday for the live show on http://treet.tv/live or on the Vimeo channel – http://aviewtv.com/category/happy-hunting – or on our You Tube channel – http://bit.ly/17vyoVk – or catch it later in the week on our shows page on the Treet.tv web site at http://treet.tv/shows/happy-hunting.

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