The Freedom Project – a special Virtual World Art Challenge

The Freedom Project
The Freedom Project

There is a very exciting new project from the University of Western Australia (who will be featured on today’s Designing Worlds show), working together with members of the Virtual Ability group, and the Centre for ME/CFS and Other Invisible Illnesses* group in Second Life.

It’s called the Freedom Project, and it is a 2D/3D Art & Film Event. They are calling for artists and film makers from all over the world who self-identify as having a disability or a chronic illness, to create an artwork or a film/machinima on the theme of ‘Freedom’, showing how virtual worlds have in some way helped them or those around them.

Films and artwork can be submitted anytime between the 1st of September 2013 and the 28th of February 2014. Artwork should have no more than 200 prims, and films should be around 3-5 minutes (though no hard limits on film length will be enforced). Artwork will go on display immediately at the UWA Virtual Gallery, and films will be put on the UWA Second Life Blog (

This is not a competition – although as a token of appreciation, the organizers are providing a L$10,000 award to 10 artworks or films (to be selected by a panel). The selected artists will also receive a printed copy of the online journal. If more funding is secured, we hope to extend this benefit to all artists selected for the journal. (Films/machinima will be depicted with stills and a link).

Even if you don’t create an artwork or machinima, but do have an inspirational personal story to share on how the virtual world has helped you overcome some difficulties faced because of a disability or a chronic illness, do send it in as well. The organisers promise that they will try and share your stories with as many people as they can.

University of Western Australia
University of Western Australia in Second Life

You can find more details here – including full details on how to submit.  And there will be a presentation for the launch of this event, presented in text and voice, given by  JayJay Zifanwe today, Monday Sept 9 at 6pm SLT, held at the University of Western Australia.



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