Designing Worlds’ visit to the virtual City of Birmingham Library is now on the web!

When Designing Worlds visited the virtual model of the City of Birmingham Library, they discovered a fascinating use for virtual worlds – and worrying reasons why Second Life might not be the best virtual environment for this type of project any more.

Back in 2009, the City of Birmingham in England wanted to create an immersive online version of their planned city centre library. They turned to the company Daden Limited to realise their concept. This became a valuable tool in the creation of what is now a magnificent building in the heart of the real life city.

Together with David Burden of Daden, we will be exploring the library, the interactive tools that were created for discovering people’s responses, the training processes that were created – and learning how the librarians and other people responded to this.

City of Birmingham Library - exterior: photograph by Wildstar Beaumont
City of Birmingham Library – exterior: photograph by Wildstar Beaumont

And we’ll also be talking to David about why he feels that Second Life is no longer the best environment for creating such projects. He makes some serious and very valid points – you won’t want to miss this!


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