Special Designing Worlds Recording: Changes in the Terms of Service for Second Life

Join us at 2pm SLT today, Tueday 29th October, for Designing Worlds at our studio in Garden of Dreams, for a special recording of the Designing Worlds show (which will be shown on 11th November).

Designing Worlds studio
Designing Worlds studio

The show will take the form of a panel discussion ion the recent changes of the Terms of Service used in Second Life, which has sparked a great deal of controversy. While it appears that Linden Lab are working on a redraft of this, we will be looking at the reason why the new Terms are a problem for various communities (and why some communities seem less affected). And we’ll be discussing the community’s response with Kylie Angel Skyborne of the United Content Creators of Second Life, and the legal aspects with Jamie Bryce Infinity, a lawyer with considerable expertise in this area.

Other guests include

  • Jilly Kidd, of the writer’s group Written Word
  • Chic Aeon, artist, machinimatographer, builder (past tense), blogger, store owner and curator of LEA7 – the Machinima Open Studio Project
  • Ramses Meredith, Owner of the leading fashion brand Egoisme
  • Cain Maven, designer and owner of Maven Homes and Quantum Luxury Homes

If you don’t make the live recording, you will be able to see the show when it goes out on Monday November 11th.

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