The saga of The Blackened Mirror Continues today with the release of Episode 2: Old Friends!

In the Doctor's Study
In the Doctor’s Study

Season Two of The Blackened Mirror continues today, Sunday 8th December, at 2pm PST/SLT, 10pm GMT and 5pm EST.

The opening episode took Quinn and his companions to a strange laboratory which seemed to have a profound impact on Quinn – and then brought them face to face with the mysterious Doctor. What secrets are hidden in the Asylum – and is there any safety, even beyond its walls?

In the Asylum
In the Asylum

This animated series, created in a virtual world, brings together elements of film noir, steampunk, classic Lovecraftian horror – and more – in a standalone ten-minute show.

The first season took Quinn from his seedy office in 1930s America to a history that never was, and on to strange worlds as he awoke trouble from his past; trouble that hit him at home, trouble that forced him to face the evils of his youth. The means was Miss Alleyn’s: a strange device known as a Resonator that turns any mirror into a door across dimensions, enabling the possessor to travel wherever they may wish to go, leaving no more than scorched glass to mark their passing.

In season two we discover more of Quinn’s dark past and the origins of his chilling doppelganger, learn what becomes of the friends he left behind in Seraph City and see the price that comes with secret knowledge, leaving one of our heroes with a terrible choice that must be made…

A confrontation
A confrontation

Find out what happens next in Season Two of The Blackened Mirror!

You can also see the show on the web on the Treet.TV Blackened Mirror Channel, on The Blackened Mirror channel at Aview TV, on The Blackened Mirror YouTube Channel. It will also be shown live on Metaverse Week in Review!

If you are in Second Life, you can join us to watch and discuss the show at The Crescent Theater in Seraph City, The Designing Worlds studio on Garden of Dreams or at the Prim Perfect Head Offices on Pointe LaRue Isle.

Quinn faces his past
Quinn faces his past

Afterwards, there will be dancing and discussion at the Seraph Club in Seraph City, Second Life – and everyone is very welcome to join us!

And remember to make sure to keep watching until the very end …

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