Prim Perfect Talks at the Christmas Expo: London inSL and Urchins of New Babbage

Join us today at 12 noon for the Prim Perfect Talk with Debs Regent of London inSL, and at 2pm with Myrtil Igaly and Jimmy Branagh of New Babbage in the beautiful Prim Perfect Pavilion, designed by Eliza Wierwight of Patron, on Christmas Expo Wonder.

London inSL
London inSL

At 12 noon pm, Saffia will be talking to Debs Regent who set up the first virtual London in Second Life, and who will talk about how real can the virtual be.

rchins of New Babbage
rchins of New Babbage

At 2pm she will be talking to Myrtil Igaly and Jimmy Branagh, two of the leading Urchins of New Babbage, about their lives as orphan waifs on the streets of the smokiest of steampunk cities.

And we also have a full schedule of our talks over the whole of the Christmas Expo.

Date Time Topic / Interviewee Store or Business
Thurs, 5th Dec 5pm Cain Maven and Kaerri Rae Maven Homes, Quantum Luxury Homes and Kaerri
Fri, 6th Dec 5pm Elle Kirshner Second Spaces
Sat, 7th Dec 3pm Draxtor Despres & Jo Yardley The Drax Files, The Drax Files Podcasts and 1920s Berlin
Sat, 7th Dec 5pm Cracked Mirror Cracked Mirror
Sun, 8th Dec 12 noon Auryn Beorn Black Tulip
Sun, 8th Dec 5pm Callie Cline KittyCatS! and caLLie cLine
Mon, 9th Dec 12 noon Froukje Hoorenbeeke and Colleen Desmoulins Dutchie and The Loft
Mon, 9th Dec 5pm Sensuous Maximus Builders’ Brewery
Tues, 10th Dec 12 noon Debs Regent SL London
Tues, 10th Dec 2pm Jimmy Branagh and Myrtil Igaly Urchins of Babbage
Wed, 11th Dec 2pm Events of Second Life: Cracked Mirror and Isla Gealach FaMeshed, Liaison Collaborative & The Neighborhood
Thurs, 12th Dec 2pm Events of Second Life: Mikel Monk and Nikki Mathieson The MENs Department, RFL and Home and Garden Expo
Thurs, 12th Dec 5pm DeAnn Dufaux Park Place
Fri, 13th Dec 12 noon Isla Gealach Cheeky Pea
Fri, 13th Dec 2pm Ladies of Mesh: Paige Raven, Charlotte Bartlett,
Cracked Mirror & more
Cozy Himes, Scarlet Creative, Cracked Mirror & more
Fri, 13th Dec 5pm Ladies of Mesh: TBA
Sat, 14th Dec 2pm Bad Boys of Mesh: Cain Maven, Loz Hyde, Maxwell Graf,
Agustkov, Roscko Cobalt
Maven Homes & Quantum Luxury Home, MESHWORX, Rustica,
Remarkable Oblivion, Seven Emporium

In addition – have you voted for the Avie Choice Awards? Prim Perfect, Designing Worlds and Happy Hunting have all been nominated – as well as events we have played a part in organising such as Second Life’s Tenth Birthday, One Billion Rising and the Home and Garden Expo … as well as many, many friends across Second Life.

So do go and vote for your favourites!

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