Final Prim Perfect Talks at the Christmas Expo: Masters of Mesh and Creators of the Expo

Today is the last full day of the Christmas Expo, and we have two terrific talks lined up in the beautiful Prim Perfect Pavilion, designed by Eliza Wierwight of Patron, on Christmas Expo Wonder,

First, at 2pm SLT, we have Masters of Mesh.  The designers currently slated to appear are: Cain Maven of Maven Homes & Quantum Luxury Homes, Loz Hyde of MESHWORX,  Maxwell Graf of Rustica by Agustkov of Seven Emporium and Roscko Cobalt.

Meet the Masters of Mesh
Meet the Masters of Mesh

Then at 5pm, for our final talk of the season, we will be talking to dome of the people behind the Expo who have created this fantastic event. They will be explaining some of the work that goes in to an event like this – and answering your questions too!

Meet the Creators of the Expo
Meet the Creators of the Expo

And then – don’t miss the Avies on Sunday 15th December at 3pm! Elrik and Saffia will be presenting the first half of the awards – and, of course, Prim Perfectr, Designing Worlds and Happy Hunting have all been nominated too,

To find out how you can watch the event, read all about it here.

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