How will YOU celebrate the Avi Choice Awards? Prim Perfect and Aview TV can help!

Avi Choice poster
Avi Choice poster

Today is the last day to vote for the Avi Choice Awards!  You still have time to vote in the four areas: Entertainment Categories; Fashion Categories; Home and Garden Categories; and Miscellaneous Categories.

Prim Perfect is thrilled to be nominated (for the third year running) for Favorite Magazine, Newspaper or Periodical, and Designing Worlds and Happy Hunting! have both been nominated in the Favorite SL TV Show. We find ourselves among many friends on the list – and it’s exciting for all of us to have been nominated.  Last year, we were thrilled to be chosen for Prim Perfect magazine – and it’s an honour to be chosen to be there again.

And you still have time to go and vote!

With some many people nominated and so many others eager to attend, it has been hugely difficult to fit everyone in to the Avi Awards venue, and some people have been unable to get tickets.

But, in fact, you can have a party of your own! Aview TV, who are providing the streaming for the event, have supplied us with moddable TV screens that you can take and set up in your own locations. You can watch the livestream feed – from 3pm on Sunday 15th December – and take part in the online chat!

A corner of the Avi Choice Award Theatre
A corner of the Avi Choice Award Theatre

The show will also be available on the web at

Why not host your own Avies Party?

Aview TV
Aview TV

You can set up the screen on your own land, mod it to a large size, and watch the show with all your friends (or cuustomers).  The advantage is that the location may not be quite so lagged – and you can also throw popcorn at the screen if your favourites don’t win!

NB throwing popcorn at the live Avi Choice event is not looked on with any favour …

You can collect your TVs from:
Prim Perfect Head Offices
Designing Worlds StudioThe Daily Prim in Seraph City
The Primgraph Press in Caledon
Prim Perfect Pavilion at the Second Life Christmas Expo

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