One Billion Rising for Justice in Second Life: Volunteer Training Sessions

OBR in SL Logo 2014
OBR in SL Logo 2014

There is still time to apply to be a volunteer at the One Billion Rising in Second Life event! You can fill in the form here. Volunteers can be any gender.

And there will be training. We are planning a series of training sessions over the next few days. They will be held at the Designing Worlds studio on Garden of Dreams, and should last about an hour each.

The times will be as follows:

10am Friday 7th
2pm Friday 7th
4pm Friday 7th
10am Saturday 8th
2pm Saturday 8th
4pm Saturday 8th
10am Sunday 9th
4pm Sunday 9th
10am Monday 10th
2pm Monday 10th
4pm Monday 10th

If you are unsure about applying to be a volunteer but would like to find out what is involved, coming along to one of the sessions and see whether you would enjoy it!

If you would really like to volunteer at this event but can’t make any of these times, please contact Saffia Widdershins.


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