Designing Worlds explores SL Go – now on the web!

Designing Worlds’ show about SL Go is now on the web!

This show comes in two parts. In the segment listed above (the regular Designing Worlds show), we talk to Nate Barsetti, Senior Manager, Customer Relations, OnLive, and also Danger Linden, aka Don Laabs, Senior Director of Product at Linden Lab. We’ll also be showing how SL Go works in different formats.

Then you can see the live discussion that followed the main part of the show, where Nate answered questions from the audience about issues such as pricing, and how using SL Go would affect issues with lag at popular events such as Relay for Life or Burn 2.

Nate Barsetti and Danger Linden will be discussing SL Go on today's special Designing Worlds show
Nate Barsetti and Danger Linden will be discussing SL Go on today’s special Designing Worlds show

It’s important to remember that this is an OnLive initiative, developed in co-operation with Linden Lab, but not a Linden Lab product. When I spoke to Danger Linden, Head of Product at the Lab, he said he saw it as more analogous to Linden Lab working with a third party viewer. Watch the show – and the discussion – to find out more!

This show will be shown again at our regular time of 2pm on Monday 10th March, with a viewing party in our Garden of Dreams studio.

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