Rest in Peace, Dirk Talamasca, Developer of Virtual Worlds, Grid Evangelist, Mentor and Friend

Dirk Talamasca on an early MetaMakeover
Dirk Talamasca on an early MetaMakeover

Yesterday, Dirk Talamasca passed away.

Dirk was one of the strongest proponents Second Life had. He was an early Land Baron, a Second Life Mentor, a supporter of artists in the virtual realm and a wise and witty friend to so many.

He appeared several times on the Designing Worlds show, beginning right back in the backs when it was MetaMakeover. He was as generous with his time and his knowledge as he was with practical support. And he was also a great tease with a wicked sense of humour.

Dirk Talamasca
Dirk Talamasca

The last time I saw him was when he came to a Designing Worlds show on the introduction of server side backing and materials, and he teased me there in characteristic deadpan form. He slipped away after the show – and I was sorry I hadn’t had chance to discuss the new potential with him – Dirk’s views were always insightful.

I’d seen him more recently on Google+ where he posted gorgeous pictures of Ireland. But Texas was his home, and I understand that it was there, surrounded by his loving family, that he died.

This from his page on the Second Life wiki almost breaks my heart:

I love Second Life, I love people, I love to laugh and learn and I will be very happy to help you find the answers to anything you want to know. I am always busy so no need to be formal or ask how I am doing when you message. Feed me a question and I will answer as fast as I can.
All The Best,

Dirk, I shall miss you very much.

You can read more on his Facebook Page and on special tributes at Google+



  1. I first met Dirk in 2006. During the time I knew him, he challenged my Conservative ideology, always encouraged positive dialog and never stopped being the consummate gentleman and advocate for all things Virtual. He has been taken from us far too soon… Rest in peace brother. I will miss you.

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