OnLive adopts new pricing models for SL Go

SL Go, the system from OnLive which offers the opportunity to access Second Life on tablets, smart TVs or through the OnLive app to lower-end PCs and Macs, is announcing a new price structure and access from a much greater range of countries.

SL Go on the Android
SL Go on the Android

In a press release today, they said:

Since launching the beta of SL Go about a month ago, OnLive reports they’ve seen a very positive response to the Second Life® Viewer for Android™ that allows users to access Second Life over wifi or 4G LTE on tablets and laptops.

Today, OnLive has updated the SL Go beta with new pricing:
● Monthly unlimited-use subscription for $9.95 (USD) / £6.95 (GBP). No contract and no commitment.
● Reduced hourly rate: $1 / £0.70 per hour.
The previously available offer of a 20-minute free trial still stands.

Additionally, OnLive is expanding the regions where SLGo is available. The service is now supported in 36 countries:

Andorra Iceland Poland
Austria Ireland Portugal
Belgium Israel Russia
Canada Italy San Marino
Croatia Latvia Slovakia
Cyprus Lichtenstein Spain
Denmark Lithuania Sweden
Estonia Luxembourg Switzerland
Finland Malta Turkey
France Monaco United Kingdom
Greece Netherlands United States
Hungary Norway Vatican City

This is an exciting and pleasing development, made in response to the generally expressed sentiment that the initial pricing was set too high for Second Life users, even those who believed that they would find the system useful.

It’s worth noting the package delivers not “Second Life lite”, but Second Life with the full range of bells and whistles graphics. SL Go will show the Advanced Lighting Model, complete with materials – something that has been difficult for people accessing Second Life on some laptops and older desktops.

Nate Barsetti and Danger Linden will be discussing SL Go on today's special Designing Worlds show
Nate Barsetti and Danger Linden discuss SL Go on Designing Worlds

This is an OnLive initiative,developed in co-operation with Linden Lab, but not a Linden Lab product. When I spoke to Danger Linden, Head of Product at the Lab, he said he saw it as more analogous to Linden Lab working with a third party viewer.

You can see more about the system and its capabilities on a special Designing Worlds show.

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