Designing Worlds is more than a little Greedy – now on the web!

Our exploration of Greedy Greedy and other tabletop games created in Second Life by Karsten Rutledge of KR Engineering and Gaming SL is now on the grid!

Karsten Rutledge is the creator of Greedy Greedy, probably the most popular board game in Second Life, with over 3000 games played every day.

Karsten talks to us not only about Greedy Greedy but about other tabletop games that he has created – some based on real world games, ancient and modern. He has some terrific stories to tell about the evolution of tabletop in Second Life.

And then we play a game of Greedy Greedy with some friends and teach Elrik how to play, as Karsten offers some special strategic tips for game play!

Greedy Greedy!
Greedy Greedy!




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