A Tribute to Dirk Talamasca – now on the web

You can now see the Designing Worlds Tribute to Dirk Talamasca on the web.

Dirk appeared on the show several times, as he did on several other shows where his wit and wisdom were always highly valued.

Remembering Dirk
Remembering Dirk

But he was someone who had many talents and skills, and we remember him as a key supporter of Second Life, as a mentor, as a businessman, as a supporter of art and design, and as a leader in many forms of social media. And we also remember him as a wit, as a gamer and – above all as a friend.

We are joined by Iota Ultsch, Bevan Whitfield, Jerry Martin, and CaSimone Aquitaine – although the show was also made possible by the work of Sanie (Insane Khaos) and Jessica Lyon.

The show was recorded on a beautiful region, Seduction Territory, created as a homage to Dirk by Iota Ultsch – do go and explore it; it should be open for several more days.

Remembering Dirk Talamasca
Remembering Dirk Talamasca – Photograph by Wildstar Beaumont

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