Who is the Murderer in Mourningvale Thicket? Come and find out!

Have you been following the gruesome tale of the Mourngvale Murders?

Now, it seems, the truth will emerge!

Or will it?

It seems that is up to you!

Well, the suspects have been captured and now are brought to the scene of the crime. It’s between Belial Darwinian, the strange and mysterious figure BaronGillesDeRais, and Maleficent Diabolito!

The Suspects are being held in Mourningvale Thicket!
The Suspects are being held in Mourningvale Thicket!

Join us in Mourningvale Thicket from 12 noon to 2pm and use the clues that you learned this week (or gather them now) and vote using your Lindens as to who you think did the crime.

If you aren’t sure, you will be able to roleplay with (in other words, ask questions of) the three suspects before placing your vote.

The suspect that has the most linden donated goes to jail for the murder of these people (irrespective of whether they are guilty or not) and the real killer will be revealed after the event at 2pm!

Come and join in the (gruesome) fun in Mourningvale Thicket and test your deduction skills!


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