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Don’t miss the recent Designing Worlds show exploring the phenomenon of the most popular viewer for Second Life – Firestorm.

How and why has Firestorm achieved its pre-eminence? What is the relationship between Firestorm and Linden Lab, makers of Second Life?

We talk to Jessica Lyon, the overall Project Manager, Lette Ponnier, the English Support Lead. and Ed Merryman, Support Manager and teacher as we trace Firestorm from the early, rocky days of the Emerald browser through its rebirth as Phoenix to its present huge popularity as the most used viewer on the Second Life grid.

Firestorm - symbol and classroom, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

Firestorm – symbol and classroom, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

And we look at how the team develop the features that make it so popular – and above all its famous training and support – including their own training path for newcomers to Second Life. Does this offer a model for Linden Lab as they move forward?

People who want to learn more about Firestorm (or download the viewer for themselves) should visit the Firestorm website.

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If you would like to have a early sneak preview of the 11 SL11B sims, then join us for SL11B Community Celebration Press Day Events on Saturday 21st June 2014.

Opens to press at 12pm SLT on Saturday
Closes to press at midnight on Saturday

There will be special guided Press Tours (starting at the Welcome Area) at:
All times SLT.

Press Packs will be given out to all people taking the tour, full of goodies donated by exhibitors. There will also be information on the Long Walk (the special Hunt we are organising) and a list of very useful landmarks.

Press members are welcome to take snapshots, videos and blog on the SL11B Community Celebration sims. Press Tours include visiting the main attractions of SL11B and fantastic resident created builds. It’s recommended to ride the pod tour around the SL11B sims to see many amazing builds.

All members of the Press who have signed up for our Press Group are very welcome to attend although – to help us organise numbers – it would very much help us if you could also complete the form here.


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