Join us for a special recording of Designing Worlds – a discussion show about maintaining Second Life, and Linden Lab’s new platform

Join us this Wednesday, July 2nd at 1pm SLT, for a special recording in the Designing Worlds studio in Garden of Dreams for a discussion about Second Life’s continued viability and the ways in which Linden Lab might attract existing communities to their new platform.

Designing Worlds studio
Designing Worlds studio

We have a great panel of guests who will be live in the studio with us – including Jessica Lyon, Project Manager of Firestorm (who will be fresh from her own earlier Question and Answer session with Oz and Peter Linden), Jo Yardley, owner of 1920s Berlin, Maxwell Graf, owner of Rustica. JJ Drinkwater, Virtual and real life Librarian and Pathfinder Lester, Community Engagement specialist (and the ex-Pathfinder Linden).

We won’t be talking about the technical possibilities of the new platform; instead we’ll be focussing on what needs to be donne to keep Second Life vibrant and alive … and, at the same time, what might persuade the residents of Second Life to make a commitment to a new environment – and some of the answers may be surprising!

But you will also have the opportunity to having your thoughts and ideas discussed by the panel, either by coming along and joining the live audience, or by posting your thoughts and ideas in comments on this post.

This show will be recorded and shown again on July 14th.


  1. Thanks to the Prim Perfect crew and the panel guests for a wide-ranging and thoughtful discussion on present day Second Life efforts/desires and those for what Linden Lab will be working on in their future virtual world efforts. One of the draws from today’s discussion is the time-honored value of not forgetting the past so as not to make the same mistakes (and/or perhaps revisit past forgotten efforts to see if they can be refined/renewed for present day circumstances). Sometimes timing is everything as we seem to be seeing with the resurgence of immersive VR technologies.

    1. Thank you! I thought it was a great discussion, with really positive, thoughtful input from our audience. We ended up talking for so long that the plan is now to split the show into two parts, which will be shown on July 14th and July 21st.

  2. Man u guy’s are seriously out of whack / first ya get the date and time wrong / and I am sorry to inform you the initial letter sent to my inbox has no date or time / only in the comment section was I able to find it / and you were still wrong :)))))

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