Designing Worlds discusses how to maintain Second Life as Linden Lab works on a new platform: Part 1 – now on the web!

The latest episode of Designing Worlds – where we have Part 1 of a discussion of Second Life’s continued viability and the ways in which Linden Lab might attract existing communities to their new platform – is now on the web.

We have a great panel of guests in this first part of the discussion – including Jessica Lyon, Project Manager of Firestorm, Jo Yardley, owner of 1920s Berlin, Maxwell Graf, owner of Rustica. JJ Drinkwater, Virtual and real life Librarian and Pathfinder Lester, Community Engagement specialist (and the ex-Pathfinder Linden).

The Discussion, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont
The Discussion, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

We don’t talk about the technical possibilities of the new platform; instead we’ll be focus on what needs to be done to keep Second Life vibrant and alive … and, at the same time, what might persuade the residents of Second Life to make a commitment to a new environment – and some of the answers may be surprising!

Make sure you catch Part 2 of this show at 2pm today, Monday 21st July!

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