Designing Worlds visits the Japanese regions to learn how they support new users – now on the web!

The latest episode of Designing Worlds – where we visit the some of the fascinating Japanese regions on the grid to discover how they are tackling the question of the new user experience and Second Life retention – is now on the web.

After our last show on the topic of new user experience and retention (and the Prim Perfect build at the SL11B Community Celebration), it was suggested to us that we should take a look at what was happening in the Japanese regions to welcome and support new users. So, with the aid of a fantastic guide, Kengo, we visited various groups and individuals who have created a wide range of projects and groups to support new Japanese residents. And you can see the results on tonight’s show.

SL Utopia
SL Utopia

We visit a newcomer support group – SL Utopia and the Beginners’ Center located close by, the Yumix estate, which offers special support for newcomers, Melsapo – another newcomer center and group, and the Hotel Riverside, which offers special accommodation for free to newcomers. And we also take a look at something that draws together Japanese people in Second Life – television created for Japanese residents, which offers a very full range of programming (they even have a very popular show that explores Second Life regions – rather like Designing Worlds!).

Msapo - support for Japanese residents
Msapo – support for Japanese residents

And we would like to offer many thanks to those who have helped with the creation of this show – firstly Kengo, who arranged all the meetings with Japanese residents, and not only translated our questions into Japanese, but provided translations of all the responses. We would also like to thank the people who participated: Sayully Noel, Bucchus McDonnell, Tomoyo Newall, Halfapple Kidd, Yumix Writer, Eflora Loup, Kero Nishi, Okota Wingtips, Ayumi Hammerer and Clione Clary. And we would also like to extend our thanks to the many others who came to the different locations to offer support.

Hotel Riverside, free accommodation for new Japanese residents
Hotel Riverside, free accommodation for new Japanese residents

You can also see this show at and


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