Prim Perfect Talk at the Home and Garden Expo: Auryn Beorn of Black Tulip

Auryn Beorn at the Home and Garden Expo
Auryn Beorn at the Home and Garden Expo

Meet Auryn Beorn of Black Tulip, Wednesday 17th September at 2pm SLT in the Prim Perfect Castle.


See the full list of our talks here:

Schedule of Talks

And don’t forget – every day at 4pm SLT, we will be holding a lantern release from the ramparts of the Prim Perfect castle. It’s a short time for quiet reflection, for thinking of those we have lost, for celebrating those who are still with us.

The best place to watch will probably the stone circle overlooking the castle. And after the lantern release, while you are here, you can also explore the element of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem, The Lady of Shalott, which Aisling Sinclair has incorporated in this beautiful build.


Lantern Ceremony at the Prim Perfect Castle
Come and join us at 4pm each day of the Expo for a beautiful and moving ceremony.


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