Moles and Patch Linden at the Expo!

You may have seen the molehill on Hope 2 – it’s pretty hard to miss!

If you’ve ventured inside (and we strongly suggest that you do!) you’ll find some fun dioramas of recent build by the Moles.

Who are the Moles?

The Moles are talented residents who are contracted by Linden Lab to join the Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW) and to work on builds that are, by and large, publicly accessible. They create the new user experiences; games and builds to celebrate the different season (Winterfair, the Halloween Tour, for example); special game regions (like one at the centre of the new Horizons regions, or Paleoquest) or simply things that are fun to find and explore, ranging from ancient castles to Greek villages to underwater ruins.

You can recognise Moles … by the fact that they have the surname “Mole”.

And now you can meet some Moles – and Patch Linden too – for yourselves at today’s talk in the Theatre on Hope 5 at 1pm SLT today. Please note that the Talk today is an hour earlier than usual.

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