Garden of Dreams has a redesign, Designing Worlds has a new studio – and you are invited to come and celebrate!

Garden of Dreams Opening Party Invitation
Garden of Dreams Opening Party Invitation

As many of you know, the Designing Worlds studio has been based on Kayle Matzerath’s Garden of Dreams for a number of years now, and we have been very happy there. Now Kayle has redesigned the whole region, and built us a whole new studio!

Our new studio
Our new studio

It is – of course, because this is Kayle Matzerath – a wonderful new build. And not only that – Kilik Lekvoda has brought Titans, his lovely store of the cutest fantasy avatars, to a new home on Garden of Dreams.

And you are invited to come and celebrate all this on Garden of Dreams, today, Thursday 15th June from 1 – 6pm. Lisa Brune will be singing live from 1 – 2pm, then Elrik Merlin and Zander Greene will dj for two hours each from 2 – 6pm.

The new Garden of Dreams

It’s going to be a great party – make sure you’re there!

Join us here for a splendiforous party – and a chance to explore the studio, the stores and the beautiful region, filled with romantic little hideaways where you can dance, or cuddle, or simply hang out with friends.

Inside our new studio
Inside our new studio

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