What shall I do today? Part 1: Relay for Life of Inworldz!

There are a lot of events going on in virtual worlds today – and we’re here to give a taster of some that you might enjoy!

First of all, today is the climax of Relay for Life of Inworldz – a twelve hour event that is the equivalent of Relay Weekend at Relay for Life.

Some of the Inworldz Relay Camps
Some of the Inworldz Relay Camps

You can see the full programme for the day below (and note that Inworldz time is the same as Second Life time):

You will need to have an Inworldz account to visit the Relay. You can register an account here: https://inworldz.com/.Once there, there are many stores to customise your look – just search on classifieds. Dinkies and tinies are particularly popular – both in stores and at the Relay!

So – we’ll see you there!




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