Garden of Dreams in Sansar, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

Designing Worlds’ first visit to Sansar – Part 1: now on the web!

The latest episode of Designing Worlds, a very special show as we pay our first ever visit to the new Linden Lab platform – Sansar, is now on the web!

In this first (or two) episodes, we explore the studio that Kayle Matzerath has created for us in Garden of Worlds in Sansar. Then Saffia talks to Jenn, Lead Community Manager for Linden Lab on Sansar, who talks about the way that the grid is developing, and shows her own Experience, Starry Stars & Stuff (a work in progress), built with items already available on the Sansar marketplace. And we also take a look at two more of the Sansar Experiences – the Diner, created by C3rb3rus and Stasis Interrupted Chapter 1 by Tyler Scarborough, which is a game (where Saffia, inevitably, dies).

Stasis Interrupted - Chapter 1 in Sansar
Stasis Interrupted – Chapter 1 in Sansar

Saffia says: “Sansar is fascinating, but still very clearly a creator beta with a long way to go yet. In some ways, it is awesome – the quality of the design, for example. In other ways, it’s primitive – there are no animations that let us sit down, for example, and although we could stand on Jenn’s carousel and be whirled around, we couldn’t ride the horses. Jenn’s facial expressions as she talked were as good as any I’ve seen in Second Life and needed no HUD to drive them. But I couldn’t capture my own lip movements as I filmed.”

You’ll also notice some other hic-cups in filming. For example, at one point you’ll see the very simple interface on the screen. That’s because Sansar doesn’t automatically set screen size to a filming friendly ratio (that’s on the Advanced menu in Second Life), so setting screen size up was a bit hit and miss. And the avatars are a little crude – although they are to some extent customisable and – in the next major Sansar update, scheduled for mid-December, fashion related elements will be introduced (and will be available for sale). You can see the details on Inara’s Pey’s blog here.

The Diner in Sansar
The Diner in Sansar

We’re planning to start covering Sansar on a regular process, so you’ll be able follow its development through our shows over the coming seasons.


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Views of Sansar, photograph by Wildstar Beaumont
Views of Sansar, photograph by Wildstar Beaumont


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