Time's Up White Rose

Time’s Up at One Billion Rising: take the White Rose Challenge

Explore the beautiful regions we are creating for One Billion Rising in Second Life, and you can take the White Rose Challenge to win a beautiful Time’s Up white rose pin, created uniquely for this event.

The last six months have been seen as a game changer for women calling for an end to sexual harassment and violence against women.

Time's Up White Rose Pin
Time’s Up White Rose Pin

Many of us saw that at the Grammys women who attended wore white or white roses to express their solidarity with the Time’s Up movement, a movement against sexual harassment founded on January 1, 2018 by Hollywood celebrities in response to the Weinstein effect and #MeToo.

We decided to mark the Time’s Up movement with a special Challenge that will win you your own special white rose pin, beautifully made by Kilik Lekvoda.

How do you get this lovely (and unique to this event) pin?

All around the four regions of One Billion Rising, our region designers have set out lovely white rose bushes (kindly donated by Lilith Heart of Heart Botanicals). You’ll find them spread across the corner parks, the landscaped spaces between the art installations and the central stage, and in the #MeToo Forest.

We are asking you to travel around the regions and count the number of white rose bushes (not white roses) that you find. Then post that number by clicking on the mailboxes (as shown below) that you will find at each of the landing areas at OBR Dance, OBR Unite, OBR Rise and OBR Resist. A box will open where you can post your number – your name will be automatically recorded.

Time's Up White Rose Challenge Mailbox
Time’s Up White Rose Challenge Mailbox

And there is one additional special prize for one lucky winner – who will be chosen by a random number generator. That person will win a portrait by Kiana Jarman, valued at L$4500.

So – count the rose bushes (not the roses!), mail your answer – and you could win this very special Time’s UP rose pin.


One of the other movements that has come to prominence is women sharing experiences with the #MeToo tag. We are marking that at One Billion Rising with the #MeToo Forest where women can share their messages, stories and poems about their experiences in a beautiful forest where their words will be displayed on the trees. If you would like to add your own experience, go here.

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