The Home, Garden and Breedables Expo 2018 is open!

The Home, Garden and Breedable Expo is now open!

Come and visit us – there are seven amazing regions to explore, with stores with homes, gardens and breedables of course, but furnishings, building tools and so much more!

Home Expo 1
Expo Center
Home Expo 2
Home Expo 3
Home Expo 4
Home Expo 5
Home Expo 6

And, if you have enough shopping (is that even possible?), there’s an amazing array of events, including a Hunt, Talks and Discussions, Auctions and Raffles, a Decorating Competition that you can enter, Classes, gachas, game shows, the daily lantern release in a very special garden, and an art show.

And then there’s the entertainment. We have a fabulous array of dance performances, brilliant live musicians and terrific DJs to keep you entertained throughout the Expo. See our schedule for details!

So come and join us! In fact – why aren’t you here already?

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