The Dickens Project 2018 Edition Returns to LEA 7

The Dickens Project from the Seanchai Library is celebrating its sixth year in Second Life with a return to Linden Endowment for the Arts Region 7, where the annual celebration of Charles Dickens’ seminal work first was realized in full region form a year ago.  Offering four weeks of exploration, storytelling, music, dance, a new “Urchins in Dickens London” experience, this Second Life holiday tradition will be open to residents November 30th, through December 30th.

2018 Dickens Poster
2018 Dickens Poster

The Dickens Project is the brainchild of Caledonia Skytower of the Seanchai Library, who has worked to realise the Project with the collaboration of long time Dickens creator Aoife Lorefield, Gloriana Maertens, and Dagmar Kohime. “In almost every conceivable way, the Project has flourished in the full region format,” Says Caledonia. “This year was a team effort – our first real foray into collaborative build creation.  We learned a lot, and we are confident people will enjoy the results.”

Most evident to Dickens Project fans will be the new “Urchins in Dickens London” experience.  Created by Aoife Lorefield, the Urchins Experience invites residents to explore what life was like for a poor child in Victorian England. It’s a game that combines elements of an SL hunt, free form (and optional) role play, and an invitation to create (and share) stories that the experience inspires.

Urchins In Dickens London
Urchins In Dickens London

“Charles Dickens was ever a champion of children, writing stories about those who were poor and unprotected,” says Lorefield. Residents of all ages are welcome to participate, and will find information and the Urchins HUD near the main landing point in Dickens Square. Additional information can be found on a special webpage.

To experience another new aspect of this Edition of the Project, just by turn on “sounds” in your Second Life Viewer.  A soundscape created by Dagmar Kohime will enhance the immersion of the region-exploring experience. Sounds of all kinds can be heard all over the region: a fiddler plays at Fezziwig’s warehouse, the sounds of Nephew Fred’s party guests wafts into the street near his home, and the Merchants Alley rings with sound of urchin laughter. The soundscape includes a special “Voices of the Story Path” hud that visitors can wear to hear short selections from “A Christmas Carol” in locations which corresponds to that selection from the story.

The 2018 Edition will include the customary presentations of A Christmas Carol in a variety of adaptations, in sections and in its entirety, and at different times to make the live readings accessible to residents from different parts of the globe. Other works from within the author’s vast canon are featured in the weeks leading up to “Carol Week” (December 17-23), which climaxes in a marathon “Big Read” presentation of A Christmas Carol performed by a relay team of Seanchai staff and storytelling friends, scheduled for Sunday, December 23rd.

The Dickens Project
The Dickens Project

Performances by Idle Rogue Productions, Misfit Dance & Performance Art, Russell Eponym, Wald Schridde and a host of other performers will add up to over 40 hours of events on LEA 7. In addition to these, communities participating in The Dickens Project 2018 Edition include: Ce Soir Arts, The Community Virtual Library, Elite Equestrian, Innsmouth – H.P. Lovecraft Inspired, Octoberville, and Radio Riel.

There are also plans for non-Dickens ghost stories, the Urchin Extravaganza, and a DJ Challenge will round out the days between Christmas and December 30th. The schedule in-progress will be available weekly on the Seanchai Library website. The daily schedule, information on all aspects of the Project, and calendar links will also be available on information kiosks at the main landing point.

The Dickens Project
The Dickens Project


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