The Rose Challenge

Will you take the OBR 2019 White Rose Challenge in honour of the 2018 Nobel Prize Laureates?

Explore the beautiful regions we are creating for One Billion Rising in Second Life, and you can take the OBR 2019 White Rose Challenge to win a stunning OBR 2019 white rose pin, created by Killik Lekvoda, uniquely for this event.

The Rose Pin
The Rose Pin

Many of you may remember the White Rose Challenge last year, linked to the #Time’sUp movement. For 2019 we decided to repeat the challenge, but this year we are linking it to the amazing 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Winners – Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad, who were awarded the Prize “for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict”.

This is signified by the rose pin no longer being pure white, but edged with a deep pink, signifying the suffering of women in war.

You can read more about their inspiring work here:

You can also visit the Pavilion at OBR created by AvaJean Westland that honours their achievements: nb – open from 11pm SLT on Wednesday 13th February


How do you get this lovely (and unique to this event) pin?

All around the four regions of One Billion Rising, our region designers have set out lovely white rose bushes (kindly donated by Lilith Heart of Heart Botanicals). You might find them spread across the corner parks, the landscaped spaces between the art installations and the central stage, and in the #MeToo Forest.

Mailing the Rose Challenge
Mailing the Rose Challenge

We are asking you to travel around the regions and count the number of white rose bushes (not white roses) that you find. Then post that number by clicking on the mailbox that you will find at each of the landing areas at OBR Dance, OBR Unite, OBR Rise and OBR Resist. A box will open where you can post your number – your name will be automatically recorded.

So – count the rose bushes (not the roses!), mail your answer – and you could win this very special OBR 2019 rose pin.

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