House 16: Getaway

Home and Garden Expo Decorating Contest – Voting extended!

There has been a fantastic response to the Decorating Contest, and we’ve raised nearly a quarter of a million Lindens! That’s the equivalent of over 1,000 US dollars.

To reach that total, we’ve decided to extend the voting by 12 hours until mid-day on Saturday 6th April.

House 14 - Atlantis Lava Beach Cottage
House 14 – Atlantis Lava Beach Cottage

Please, come along and take a look at the houses for yourselves – and vote on the (1 Linden into the kiosks outside each house will represent one vote).

There’s some fantastic decorated houses here – so please come over and take a look:

House 6 - Casa Miraflores
House 6 – Casa Miraflores

There are fascinating back stories or engaging social media attached to many of the houses too – you can get links by clicking on the house signs, or read the web page:

House 5: The Palomar
House 5: The Palomar

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